About Us

S olid Tees custom screen printing began in 2011 to meet the need of the owner, Jason, as he wanted to create a few band shirts. He found custom screen printing to be fascinating and his friends began asking him to make shirts for them. Jason started buying more equipment and promoting and growing Solid Tees to what it is today.

He stands by the process that he looked for when he was a customer: no minimum orders, no set up fees, professionalism and fast turnaround. His professionalism includes having each shirt hand printed locally in Denver, Colorado and each shirt is folded and ready for the shelf, not simply thrown into a box to be sorted.

Solid Tees offers some very unique options as well including:
• Free local delivery in Denver
• A hold of your design for 30 days- order more within 30 days and receive a 15% discount!
• Just want ONE? Receive a single sample for just $30
• Ability to custom screen print nearly anything flat- apparel, posters, bags and more.